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Vitamin Injection Service

Is A Vitamin Shot Right For You?

Deficiencies in vitamins can contribute to low energy, irregular periods, brain fog, difficulty losing weight, difficulty in conceiving, and more.

Vitamin injections are a quick and effective way of increasing your levels so that you can have more energy, less brain fog, and better periods sooner.

Did you know that low serum levels of vitamin D3 can contribute to the worsening of health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, the susceptibility of developing infections, or even increase the risk of falls in the elderly? And not everyone gets enough vitamin D3 from the sun: depending on where you live, time of day, and how much melanin in your skin all relate to how much D3 your body produces from UV-B rays.

Low levels of vitamin D can also worsen symptoms of PCOS, insulin resistance, and ovarian function.

Ask Dr. Anousha about how vitamin injections can help you feel better today!

Fee Schedule

Initial Consultation – $190.00

60 Min Consultation – $135.00

30 Min Consultation – $90.00

25 Min Acupuncture – $75.00

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