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Did you know that The Wellness Suite offers virtual appointments? 

Our naturopathic services are available online throughout the week and in the clinic on Wednesdays. TWS is committed to accessible healthcare, so you can feel better and do better today!

1:1 Consultations

Do you feel like you have a lot of questions about your health yet feel rushed by other health workers? Our licensed healthcare practitioners spend the time it takes with you discussing your condition, questions, and goals in-depth. Naturopath, Dr. Anousha Usman, and holistic nutritionist Danielle offer individualized one-on-one consultations with patients and clients. These visits range anywhere from an initial visit (75min) to a quick 15-min check in to monitor your progress.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Our bodies are unique, shouldn’t our healthcare be too? The practitioners at TWS provide individualized treatment plans that are evidence-based and up to date with current research. They carefully select which combination of herbs, vitamins, nutritional changes will best suit your needs based on all the information gathered in the 1:1 consultation. Knowing which diet to try or what supplements to take can become overwhelming. Save time and frustration by booking in with one of our smarty-pants practitioners to help guide you on what’s right for you body.

Learn more about what goes in to a naturopathic treatment plan.

Advanced Hormone Testing + Analysis

Symptoms like irregular menstrual cycles, PMS, weight gain, and mood changes, are rarely due to one “off” hormone. More often, there is a chain of hormone events that cause the uncomfortable symptoms we see outwardly.

Our Advanced Hormone Testing and Analysis assess the underlying hormonal patterns that need to be addressed in order to experience pain relief, improved energy and moods, and better (regular) periods.

In addition to serum testing, we also offer a variety of saliva and urinary tests that uncover key hormonal or vitamin imbalances needed to be addressed.

Dr. Anousha emphasizes the importance of her patients understanding their lab results; understanding where the body is at during the health journey empowers her patients to continue to pursue their wellness.

Vitamin Injections

Deficiencies in vitamins can contribute to low energy, irregular periods, brain fog, difficulty losing weight, difficulty in conceiving, and more.

Vitamin injections are a quick and effective way of increasing your levels so that you can have more energy, less brain fog, and better periods sooner.

Ask Dr. Anousha about how vitamin injections can help you feel better today!

Healthy Eating Guides For Weight Loss + PCOS

We know just how hard it is to lose weight, and having a hormonal imbalance (like PCOS) on top of that doesn’t make the pounds come off any easier.

Dr. Anousha’s method for weight loss encompasses more than just calories – it’s about the foods we eat! She has successfully helped her patients develop food strategies that have enabled them to lose (and maintain) 20+ lbs, by addressing their underlying hormonal imbalances.

One weight loss plan isn’t for everyone, work with Dr. Anousha and learn how to implement the right food strategies to help you shed the fat and feel confident in your body!

Acupuncture for Period Pain + Regularlarity

Dr. Anousha uses both Traditional Chinese Medical techniques as well as localized pain pressure points to decrease swelling and inflammation and improve blood flow to the area- all with tiny acupuncture needles! Acupuncture works wonders for pain relief, headaches, period cramps, digestion, depression, anxiety, relaxation and more! Contact us to learn more about our acupuncture services designed especially for period and PMS pain relief!

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