Advanced Hormone Testing + Analysis

Symptoms like irregular menstrual cycles, PMS, weight gain, and mood changes, are rarely due to one “off” hormone. More often, there is a chain of hormone events that cause the uncomfortable symptoms we see outwardly.

Our Advanced Hormone Testing and Analysis assess the underlying hormonal patterns that need to be addressed in order to experience pain relief, improved energy and moods, and better (regular) periods.

In addition to serum testing, we also offer a variety of saliva and urinary tests that uncover key hormonal or vitamin imbalances needed to be addressed.

Dr. Anousha emphasizes the importance of her patients understanding their lab results; understanding where the body is at during the health journey empowers her patients to continue to pursue their wellness.

Sample Dutch Hormone Test
Sample Dutch Test For Women’s Hormones. Source: Precision Analytical

A sample report of a Dutch test. This test is often used in conjunction with serum hormone testing as a means to explore how our body breaks down hormone metabolites during a period of time. Where a serum test provides a snapshot of particular hormones or markers that may be abnormal, functional testing like salivary or urine hormone analysis allows for us to understand how and why the body is experiencing hormonal fluctuations or imbalances.

Dutch Test + Irregular Periods

This test may be useful in providing a functional insight as to which hormonal patterns have a dominant effect on producing symptoms of irregular periods, heavy flow, weight gain, abnormal hair growth patterns, and low energy.

Other functional tests that assist us in understanding how to treat the root cause of your symptoms include salivary testing, Food Sensitivity Testing, SIBO Testing, and more.

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