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Customized Health & Wellness Corporate Programs
Designed by working women, for the working woman.

Our corporate wellness programs are best suited for small to medium-sized progressive companies that recognize wellness as a critical imperative for an organization’s success.

According to a Harvard Business Review, for every dollar spent towards employee healthcare, the return on investment was $2.71.

Initiatives that targeted conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety, chronic pain, diabetes, and other health conditions affecting workplace efficiency, experienced overall improved health outcomes, decreased rates of absenteeism, and increased workplace productivity.

The same study noted other outcomes of wellness programs include, decrease healthcare costs, greater efficiency, and higher workplace morale.

The Wellness Suite offers solutions for progressive companies who recognize the necessity and promotion of health culture in the workplace.

Our individualized programs and seminars target health conditions experienced by employees at the source: focusing on strategies to minimize stress and anxiety, and optimizing energy and concentration, so that employees are able to do their best work in healthy bodies.

The Wellness Suite offers the perfect complement to a company’s health and business priorities.

Health is a vital component of productivity in the workplace. When the body is well, the individual is able to optimize their functioning and efficiency. In the office, several factors that affect performance include (but are not limited to), decreased mobility, chronic pain, mental exhaustion, brain fog, fatigue, poor appetite or dietary habits, other disease or illnesses, and stress.

Corporate Wellness Seminars designed by Dr. Usman are aimed to educate and empower the audience interested in improving their health. Seminars consist of:

  • An engaging 30-minute educational presentation
  • Handouts entailing take-home strategies to implement health tips discussed during the seminar


What better way to engage your team and promote health at the same time than some friendly competition? Dr. Usman’s Healthy Habit Challenges are a fun way to motivate and inspire routines of wellness by tackling and overcoming one obstacle at a time. Challenges range from 7 to 28 days and include tips and resources to support health goals.  Sample challenges include: “7 days of Hydration”, “A Week Without Sugar”, and “Stress-Free 14” – aimed at implementing strategies to reduce stress and improve overall health and performance.

Are you interested in inspiring health in the workplace and want to learn more about the Healthy Habit Challenges? Contact us to reserve your Corporate Wellness Seminar today!


Sleep Country Canada, Weight Loss Workshop and 16- Week Challenge,

Ford Headquarters, Oakville, ON

Government of Ontario, JTS Cluster, Toronto, ON

Women’s Wellness Wisdom, Toronto, ON


“When to see your naturopath”, “The Ugly Truth: How stress is sabotaging your weight loss efforts”, “Fight the flu – Naturopathic interventions”, “Joint mobility, health, & prevention”, “Productivity hacks”, 16-Week Workshop Program on Weight Loss and Wellness

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